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A Story Worth Telling…

Did you know that millions of regular people are choosing to become authors since the creation and mass adoption of things like the Kindle, mobile devices and eReaders? It’s an amazing time for authors because now anyone who can tell stories (fiction) or solve problems/inform (non-fiction) can share their work with the entire globe through the power of the Internet; both digitally, and yes, still in print.

But what happens when a story-teller writes a novel about Vampires, or when a business person writes a book about real estate, and they don’t have the knowledge, skills, or time to market the book? That’s where we come in.

The Author Marketing Institute (AMI) mission is to advance the practice of author marketing for writers of any kind, in any genre, in any part of the world. We strive to provide a network of tools, training, data, learning and helpful insight and advice from today’s top selling authors and author services providers.

How Did AMI Get Started?

Jim F. KukralIn 2009 our founder Jim F. Kukral signed a book contract with a large publishing firm for his first book. Shortly after his the book was released, Jim experienced with most authors experienced; that the marketing of his book was left primarily in his own hands, and not much help came from his publisher. So Jim set out to take his 18-years of experience as a Web entrepreneur and marketing consultant and create something that authors could turn to to learn how to market their books.

In 2010 the Author Marketing Club was born. A site dedicated to providing tools, advice and training for any author to use, free of charge. Over time, the AMC site grew to over 20,000 members, and has helped inspire and motivate authors from around the world to have more success with their books. Over 100,000 books have been submitted and promoted through the AMC network of sites, and thousands of authors have used the tools and training to turn their writing into full-time careers.

As the club grew, so did millions of new authors who wanted to take advantage of a world where the gatekeepers of books no longer existed. So Jim decided to create an event called Author Marketing Live! where authors from all over the world congregated to learn and network with some of the best-selling authors and publishing experts.

But the need for more from the author world continued to grow and grow. To feed that need Jim created the Author Marketing Institute, which will act as the flagship brand for all things related to helping the practice of author marketing.

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