The Author Marketing Podcast Launch

We’ve just gotten word from iTunes that our new podcast has gone live called the Author Marketing Podcast. Click here to subscribe and listen.

What Is It About?
The AM Podcast consists of short sessions (usually 10 minutes each) that cover a new topic in book writing and marketing. For example, here are the topics of the first few episodes.

  • 5 Things Every Writer Should Be Doing To Sell More Books
  • 3 Small Changes That Will Transform Your Writing Overnight
  • How to Keep Readers Engaged With Email Autoresponders
  • 5 Outside the Box Ways to Promote Your Book
  • 5 Things All Authors Should Stop Worrying About
  • 7 Steps to Getting More Reviews on Your Book
  • 5 Things You Should Email Readers to Keep Them Engaged
  • How to Optimize Twitter for Readers, Connections, and Opportunities
  • How to Find Your Superfans With Pinterest