Superhero Fiction Genre Reports (Sell More Books!)

Thinking of writing or publishing a Action & Adventure book that could feature a superhero or heroine? The Klytics Superhero report brings you the market insights and the data power of the Amazon platform to your projects. Learn what sells and what does not. Don’t waste time and money on the wrong projects.

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Powers beyond those of mere humans combined with the mission and ability to do good; we probably need more such characters on this planet: superheroes (and heroines.)

In the arts, superheroes often have a double identity: the superhero self and a private, often less heroic self. Combine that tension with a powerful antagonist, the supervillain, and you have a story!

The Kindle bestseller list for superhero fiction has shown a stable upward trend over the last four years. Combine this with the fact that 2019 will have the most superhero movies ever released, and we have enough reason to take a closer look at the “superhero opportunity.”