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January 23, 2019

Science Fiction & Fantasy Amazon Genre Reports (To Sell More Books)

There are more than 136 sci-fi and fantasy genres. What if you knew the ones that truly sell? Science Fiction & Fantasy is among the Top #3 bestseller lists on Amazon Kindle. It offers wide-ranging opportunities for authors and publishers.

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Recent blockbuster movies and books such as Ready Player One, The Handmaid’s Tale, the latest Star Wars episodes, and others boosted the genre. And from alien invasions to space battles to post-apocalyptic adventures to everything else in the realm of endless fantasy, there are plenty of great works on the horizon: for example, an upcoming American epic science fiction thriller Ad Astra (Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, D. Sutherland), the next Hellboy, or James Cameron’s Avatar 2 project.

But Sci-Fi and Fantasy have become big and competitive book genres. You have to find your niche. And our research surfaced a whole range of highly promising market niches that show very high sales and come with a relatively low degree of competition.

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AMI Team