Peter Shankman Knows How To Sell Books & Create Loyal Fans

Note: Peter will be presenting at the upcoming Author Marketing Live! Virtual event. He will be presenting a session called “Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans”. Read the description below.

So Why Is Peter (@petershankman) Speaking & Why Should You Care As An Author?

First off, Peter is a bestselling author. Check out his books here, they are all worth a read for anyone who writes books or runs any type of business. Secondly, Peter is an amazing speaker and innovator. His latest book, and also the focus of his AMlive presentation, focuses on a message that ALL authors need to here and adhere to.

Don’t think you’re in the service business just because you write books? Wrong. If you have customers, you need to provide communication with them. You need their loyalty. That’s how you create true fans, or as Peter calls them, Zombie Loyalists, who continue to buy from you over and over again.

Peter’s New Book Trailer

Session Description (Get your ticket yet?)

Imagine a world where relationships are forged, sales are made, and new and repeat business is driven, all by the customers you currently have. Imagine a world where the one true differential of your business isn’t price or location, but rather, customer service.

It’s already here, and if you’re not focusing on it, you’re going to be eliminated. Welcome to the world of the Zombie Loyalist, customers who, when treated well, will do your PR and Marketing for you to their network, automatically, every time.

Forget Yelp. Forget Trip Advisor. The new review will be every single customer, online, every single time, without a second thought. As networks become ubiquitous, and every customer’s actions are public for the world to see, whether new customers choose you or your competitor will be entirely based on how you’ve already treated others in their network. The opportunities for new customers and revenue growth are huge – but so are the pitfalls.

In this fast-paced, funny, and actionable talk, best selling author Peter Shankman talks about how you can create Zombie Loyalists for your own business – And breed each customer to bring all of their friends to you as well, every single time.

Grab your seat to Author Marketing Live! Virtual.