K-Reports: Religion & Spirituality (Christian Fiction) Genre Reports

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Religion and Spirituality is the largest book market on Amazon Kindle in terms of the number of available book titles. Within this large market, Christian Fiction shows by far the highest sales. The main Christian Fiction bestseller lists on Kindle have shown a positive sales trend. 

We took a closer look at more than 100 Kindle categories related to Christian Fiction, uncovering the ones that show the highest sales and come with the lowest level of competition.

If you would like to target the best segments with your books, this information is for you.

What is the exact structure of the Christian Fiction market on Kindle and its 102 sub-markets?What has been the genre’s sales performance over 18 months relative to all other main genres?What are niche markets that have shown the highest sales rank improvement over the last year? What has been the price development of Kindle e-books in this genre? What is growth in e-book supply and what niches still exist with less than 2,000 titles in them? What Christian Fiction sub-markets offer the best ratio of books sold vs. level of competition? What are the trending search words that readers use on Amazon when looking for this genre?
What does our “K-lytics Book Strategy Map” for 102 sub- and sub-sub-categories look like?
Which of these niches offer the highest sales? Which are easiest to rank in?