K-Report: Cozy Mystery Ebook Market Secrets

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In this 70-page Pdf-report, you will obtain a complete overview of the Amazon e-book market for cozy mysteries. Our analysis goes far beyond the “official” Amazon bestseller lists for “cozies”. ¬†We built a “virtual bestseller list”, distilled from more than 21,000 books, monitored over 4 weeks, to show you the best cozy mystery books in the market. And this based on brand new data from August and September 2018.

We cover important questions such as:

  • What author earnings can one expect in the Top 20, Top 100, Top 500 etc. of Cozy Mysteries?

  • What are the proven price points of the bestselling books?

  • To what extent do “short reads” work in this genre?

  • What is the top-selling cover art in cozy mystery that your cover designer should know?

  • What Kindle categories do the top cozy titles use?

  • Which of these categories offer the highest sales but come with the lowest level of competition?

  • What are the best keywords based on what readers look for when they search for mystery books on Amazon?

  • Who are the top authors and publishers?