How to Obtain and Use iBooks Review Codes


At this point you’re likely used to trying to get your books reviewed on Amazon. Perhaps you have a list of bloggers or you’ve created a special email list for people who will automatically get review copies of your latest books. Regardless of what you’re doing to get reviews, it’s important that you request reviews not just on one platform. If you fail to get as many reviews on your iBooks products, you may be missing out on an opportunity to sell more copies there.

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Authors selling direct through iBooks gain 250 promo review codes for each book once they’ve made a request. According to Apple, these codes can be distributed for reviews, media, and testing. Once you’ve obtained the codes, you must provide them as quickly as possible because they expire within one month’s time. By following Apple’s rules for review codes, your books will show up with higher ratings and they’ll have a much better chance of closing the sale.

Here are five detailed steps for obtaining your 250 iBooks review codes:

  1. Visit iTunes Connect through your Apple account. You must have “legal level” access to obtain the codes, so it’s best to do this yourself as opposed to letting someone on your team find the codes for you.
  1. Click the My Books tab and select the book you’d like to get codes for. Click Promo Codes and enter the number of codes you’d like to download. You can download up to 250 promotional codes at a time.
  1. Click Download and make sure to read the Terms of Service agreement for the codes before you approve it.
  1. After you go through the above steps, you’ll receive an email that contains a plain text document with the number of codes you requested. the email will also include code redemption instructions that you can provide to each person that you send the codes. You must include certain wording when you submit the codes to your readers, So make sure to read all the documents that come with your codes.
  1. Send the individual codes to each of your readers and request a review by a few days before the code expiration date. This will allow for any stragglers to post their review before the codes expire.

Getting Reviewers on Board

We’ve discussed getting reviews a lot on Author Marketing Institute, but we tend to talk almost solely about Amazon. Your true fans won’t mind taking a few extra seconds to post a modified version of their Amazon review on iBooks. It’s just a matter of asking them. You may feel as though you’re inconveniencing your readers by asking them to do extra work for you, but it’s a necessary evil.

The people who love your work want you to succeed. Getting more reviews on iBooks and the other platforms helps you do that. It’s a pure win-win situation, so it’s definitely in your best interest to go through the above process and get reviews on all your Apple books.