How To Manually Update Your Amazon Categories In KDP

Most authors don’t know this secret. Here’s the deal. Amazon puts your book into categories on it’s own. Sure, you can tell Amazon the “basic” categories you “hope” your book to be in when you set up your book. But… those categories are very basic and generic.

So what happens is when your book goes live, Amazon just puts your book into the best category they can figure out. This is a problem because most of the time the category your book shows up in is too broad, or just plain wrong. And you don’t want to be in either of those places because your book can’t be found.

How Do You Fix Your Categories?

First off, you have to figure out what categories you should be in. That’s why you should be using KDP Rocket. If you watch this short video you’ll see how and why it makes sense to do this type of category research.

How Do You Update Your Categories?

Once you’re figured out what your new categories should be, it’s a matter of telling Amazon KDP about them and requesting the update. In this video it is fully explained on how to do it.