Derek Murphy – Designing Your Own Best Selling Book Cover

Note: Derek will be presenting at the upcoming Author Marketing Live! Virtual event. He will be presenting a session called “Designing Your Own Best Selling Book Cover”. Read the description below.

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So Why Is Derek (@Creativindie) Speaking & Why Should You Care As An Author?

Derek Murphy has worked with hundreds of best-selling authors and thought-leaders to develop book covers that complement their vision, stand out, get noticed, and attract new readers. His insights into book cover design will put you on the path towards a well-designed book that markets itself. In Derek’s session called “Designing Your Own Best Selling Book Cover” you’ll learn why some a book cover can mean selling a few books, or thousands. You’ll also see how the littlest changes can make a huge difference in sales. Stop making the rookie mistakes most authors make and learn how to look, and sell, like the best-selling authors. See Derek’s presentation. Grab your seat.

Session Description (Get your ticket yet?)
derek murphy

In this session, award-winning cover designer Derek Murphy will show you how to design your own amazing book cover. He’ll cover tools you can use, and design tips you can follow to ensure your cover gets noticed, and your book gets sold.

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