Brian G. Johnson – Your Social Media Book Launch Army

Note: Brian will be presenting at the upcoming Author Marketing Live! Virtual event. He will be presenting a session called “Your Social Media Book Launch Army”. Read the description below.

So Why Is Brian (@marketingeasyst) Speaking & Why Should You Care As An Author?

Brian G. Johnson is a serial entrepreneur who is also an engaging speaker, product creator, #1 bestselling author, nurturing mentor, and passionate poodle wrangler. Since 2008 Brian has coached tens of thousands of wealth seekers, many of whom are successfully generating life-changing income. Brian’s high energy and zest for life translate well to his coaching programs, where he breaks down the most important elements of many profitable online businesses-traffic and conversions. His formulas are simple, his rituals are effective, and his techniques are easy to follow. See Brian’s presentation. Grab your seat.

Session Description (Get your ticket yet?)
brian g. johnson

Discover the simple strategy I used to set into action a small army of social media marketers, including a New York Times best selling author and a Forbes top fifty social media marketer. They shared, posted and built buzz in anticipation of my book launch. This resulted in growth of my personal brand, early book reviews and hyper growth of Facebook friends and followers.

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