Bookfunnel Demo with Damon Courtney – AMC Masterclass

Bookfunnel wants to make readers happy. They want to give them your books and have them start reading in the shortest time possible. They want them to be able to read on the device and in the app of their choosing. And when they struggle, they want them to feel like they really care that they get their book.

Basically, Bookfunnel allows the author to give away copies of their books through a really slick interface and landing page. You upload your book and then Bookfunnel allows your reader to “grab” the book and download it and read it. You can, and should, be using Bookfunnel for ARC review copies and also just in general to share copies of your book in hopes of more reviews.

You can access all of the AMC Masterclasses here, free, for a limited time.