Author Match: Collaborate With Other Authors Program

authormatchWouldn’t it be useful to have a way to connect with other authors in your genre to work together on things like box sets, promotional events and perhaps to even write a book together? Of course it would. The problem was that it wasn’t very easy to find the authors who want to work on such collaborations. Until now.

Introducing the AMI Author Match program. Or as we like to call it internally, “Let’s work together” matchmaking service. The system is very simple.

  1. Sign up for updates – Register for free to have access to to post, and view author submissions by genre.
  2. Post a collaboration request – Submit your request for collaboration to the community (after email signup). Your request will be sent via email to other authors on the list who can then decide to contact you.
  3. Review requests – Check your email for updates from other authors who might want to partner with you.

Ready to give it a try? Sign up here.