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You know you can be successful as an author if you just had the guidance and motivation to help you take your books to the next level. Here’s your chance to cash in that ticket to success…

We have brought together 12 of the world’s most successful authors and marketers, and asked each of them to share their most successful book selling and marketing techniques that they’ve used to dominate the sales charts. Their virtual presentations will help you in these 4 ways:

#1: Stand Out

Learn what it takes to get noticed in a sea of similar books, and then grab new readers.

#2: Innovate

Lead, don’t follow. Find out how to innovate your book marketing practices.

#3: Get Smart

Understand what book marketing strategies work, and what doesn’t.

#4: Sell More Books

Sales is what matters most. Learn how you are going to maximize your sales and dominate.

“This year author marketing virtual is amazing. The lecturers are top notch. They know what they are talking about and they share a lot very easily. I learned so much info already, so many practical tactics that I can do, and the event is not even over yet. Jim Kukral is doing a great job hosting this event and he knows what questions to ask to get still more infos from the presenter. It was money well spent because with what I learned so far I know the sales of my books are going to improve a lot.”

Alex Reeve

Why Should You Want To Learn From These Best Sellers?

Together, the authors and experts teaching in these videos have sold and marketed over 1,00,000 books for themselves and their clients. You’ll learn things like:


  • How Steve Scott makes over $60,000/month from Kindle books and how you can do it as well
  • How to build a massive email list for your fiction and non-fiction books with Nick Stephenson using his “Reader Magnets” system
  • How to sell more books and become an influencer in your genre by creating multi-author Facebook events with Bryan Cohen
  • How Brian G. Johnson created a social army to help launch his book to a best-seller status
  • How to optimize your Amazon listing (7 ways) to be found by new readers and to get more sales with Shelley Hitz
  • How Mark Coker, the CEO of Smashwords, can show you how to maximize your pre-orders and get on hot/new lists
  • Plus much more

“Not spending on the air ticket/train ticket. Not spending on the hotel. Not being to deal with routine issues back at home. What’s not to like about virtual conferences? This one is a cut above the rest (or at least in my view). You have a high density of authorpreneurs/micropublishers that are speaking. The result: a high quality, hands-on series of presentations. Even if you don’t like some, and even if you don’t agree with some, you’ll come away with actionable (=profitable) strategy.”

Stephen McClelland

Who’s Presenting & What Is Each Session About?

Below is a list of each speaker and their topic.

Deborah Carney

Building Amazing Author Websites: The Absolute Necessities

Bryan Cohen

How to Run a Multi-Author Facebook Event

Mark Coker

Hit the Bestseller Lists with Ebook Preorders

Michael Drew

12 Steps of Intimacy For Authors & Their Readers

Matt Gartland

Avoid the ‘Amateur’ Label: Produce Your Book Like a Pro With the Help of a Team

Tim Grahl

Running a Successful Author Business

Shelley Hitz

Marketing Your Book On Amazon: 7 Things You Can Easily Do For Free To Get More Exposure and Sales

Lewis Howes

Selling Books In Bulk Plus How To Do Virtual Book Tours

Brian G. Johnson

Your Social Media Book Launch Army

Jim F. Kukral

13 Reasons You’re Not As Successful An Author As You Should Be

Nick Loper

Bestsellers Aren’t Born, They’re Made: How To Rock Your Non-Fiction Launch

Derek Murphy

Designing Your Own Best Selling Book Cover

Steve Scott

Building a non-fiction platform (The 80/20 of What Actually Works.)

Peter Shankman

Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans

Nick Stephenson

Reader Magnets: Find your First 10,000 Readers (and keep them)

Johnny Truant and Sean Platt

Building A True Fan Base (Customers) with Content Marketing

Warren Whitlock

Why the content marketing fad is a gold mine for authors

Adam Witty

How To Quickly Write, Publish & Profit From A Book That Will Grow Your Business

“I have lost count of the number of valuable tips and strategies that I have gained from the Author Marketing Live Summit. Having access to a number of experts in their fields has been fantastic. This is truly a global event – I am watching the presentations from New Zealand, where the replay option has been a great way around the time zone difference. Thanks Jim for organising a great event.”

SL Beaumont

“I have been in marketing for years and have done a fair share of book marketing myself. That said, this conference is truly an amazing experience. It is easy to get “in the box” with your marketing, but having all these great speakers talking about different things has forced me WAY outside of what I am comfortable with and into really new ideas! Thanks Jim for putting such a great event together…:)”

Tara Jacobsen

What Exactly Does The Training Include?

You’re going to get instant access to 13 video presentations from each expert author, each on a different topic. This is over 14-hours of video you can watch over time at your conveince. You’ll also get a full transcript of each interview, plus the MP3 audio file for listening on the go.

Get Instant Access – $149

“Stunning value! I have attended many writing conferences, all amazing, all brick and mortar. The fact that my physical presence was required meant higher cost: there were not only conference fees, but also expenses for food, travel, and accommodations. I appreciate this Author Marketing Virtual Event because I can access a ton of invaluable information without incurring a ton of extra expense. The flexibility is great; I can watch/attend these presentations at my leisure. What I have been doing is watching webinars on my tablet while taking notes (via voice recognition software) on my desktop. And, in between workshops, I can focus on the most important thing: my writing! I am not yet finished all the viewing but am loving this experience! Thank you.”

Annie Daylon

“This was a great seminar, even for more experienced authors like me who have multiple titles published. In every class I attended, I found something that will make my marketing just a little bit better. I’m very appreciative to Jim and everyone who helped to put this together.”

Carly Fall

“You can attend any virtual event in your pajamas. But for AMLive, make sure you also have pen and paper on hand – you’ll want to take notes. Jim and his crew at the Author Marketing Institute have brought together the very best folks in terms of knowledge and presentation. I attended several presentations, any one of which was worth more than the cost to get “in the door.” And guess what? I get to watch them again, along with the ones I missed! In addition to the presenters and their info, I also connected with other attendees, and I plan on benefiting from their knowledge, expertise and butt-kicking as well. If you are an indie author, or think you want to want to be, this is a must-attend event.”

Scott Gardner

“When I heard about Author Marketing Live, I thought it might be a fun virtual event where I could pick-up a tip or two about marketing my books. Then I attended the event… and was completely blown away! A whose-who list of publishing experts provided amazing insights through presentations that delivered value that went above and beyond my highest expectations. Jim was a up-beat and knowledgeable host, and the private Facebook group was a fantastic place to interact with other authors and exchange ideas. By the end of the fifth day, I had pages and pages of notes, had learned a bunch, made friends with other authors, and was ready to take my book marketing to the next level. (My only complaint is that I will have to wait an entire year to attend AMLIVE 2016!)”

Kevin T. Johns

“As a self-published newbie, marketing my books had always been a nightmare. For a long time, I avoided it entirely. When I did decide to give it an honest try, I was immediately overwhelmed and had no idea how to even begin. Then the light of Jim Kukral’s Author Marketing Virtual Summit showed me the way. For an entire week–nearly 20 presentations!–I received top notch information that was actually helpful. The presenters were not only experts in their field, but were so personable I felt like I was having a one-on-one consult with them. On top of all of that, the private Facebook group that comes with the summit is absolutely priceless. Here, I have connected with other like-minded authors and we have committed to supporting one another on this journey. Thanks to this summit, I now have an action plan in place for my upcoming launch. I am armed with practical steps that I am certain will make my writing career a success. Thank you, Jim! I could not have done this without you!”

Jenna Hiott

Get Instant Access – $149

“Jim, thank you for a great experience with the Author Marketing Live webinar. I very much appreciate a friend’s suggestion that I attend–what a superb value for such a tiny price, all with the bonuses of being able to download the slides and replay the sessions over and over. There were at least a half dozen of the presenters whose sessions alone would have been worth the price of the whole webinar. I admit to being brain-dead right now from information overload, but tomorrow I’ll be ready to hit the computer again and try out what I’ve learned this week. You did a great job not only for moderating every session, but also for gathering that outstanding batch of impressive professionals as presenters. What a talented group, and what an amazing sharing of knowledge in sincere efforts to help other authors. I found many of the chat posts interesting as well; I hope you transcribe these for us, because there were quite a few valuable tidbits in there (or as a droll friend puts it, “bits of tid”).”

Suzanne T. Smith

“I’m a fiction author and wasn’t sure what to expect from this event. But Jim put together a fantastic event with guest presentations that both fiction and non-fiction authors can use. I wasn’t able to make all of the events live, so I am very happy that the videos are available to review, pause and take notes from.

Some of the presentations had so much info I’ll have to watch them a few times to get everything out of them that I can.

Author Marketing Live 2015 was well worth the price of admission. With the live presentations and the video library, it’s the conference that keeps on going. I have a lot to digest and use in my writing life going forward.”

Douglas Dorow

“I loved the Author Marketing Live Virtual Summit. The speakers were extraordinary. I already knew and followed a few of them but most were completely new to me and all brought a wealth of information. You could see that several stressed the same points that every author needs to take care of on their way to success. I really enjoyed that it was 95% “beef” and only 5% of introductions and motivational stuff. I think we are all motivated if we signed up for the summit. The presenters over-delivered with both their long-term strategies and practical techniques every author can start doing now. I will definitely participate again next time.”

Alinka Rutkowska

“I learned so much from Author Marketing Live, even from the sessions that I didn’t think applied to me. There was such a breadth of information from the speakers and all kinds of great tips and action steps that I’ll be following long into the future. I appreciated being able to attend the event from home and network with the other attendees in the chat and on Facebook. I would definitely recommend this event to other authors looking to strengthen their marketing knowledge.”

Leslye Penelope

Get Instant Access – $149

“I’ve never done something like this before but something in the email I received made me want to give it a try. I signed up and I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge to be had from this. It gets better — I have a full-time job and because I can watch the presentations after they happen, I can still take full advantage of the event! I even left windows open on my computer to capture the chat from the other participants. If you know blogs then you know that the comments add so much value to the experience and these sessions are no exception. Others think to ask questions you never even thought of, or point things out that you may have missed.

Is it worth it? Hell yeah! I somehow feel like I have new friends, too! I will keep an eye on them and share with them whenever I can! Someday I will have a book to share and I know where my gratitude will go!”

Evelyn Hunter

“An excellent event for all writers, whether fiction or non-fiction, with a wide variety of topics covered by experts in their fields. I liked the fact the events were live with interaction from attendees. Having the replays is a great bonus for missed events and just for taking in even more of the information that might have been overlooked in the jam-packed presentations the first time around. This was time well spent. Thanks, Jim Kukral!”

Patricia Sands

“Jim over-delivered on his promises for the Author Marketing Virtual Summit. The subjects were topical; the speakers had both depth and breadth; and Jim made sure the trains ran on time.

I’ll be referring back to several of the sessions as I devise my world domination strategy!


Tamela Rich

“I was very pleased with this event. The presentations were jam-packed with practical information and the presenters showed how to take your book business into another level. Highly recommended!”

Timo Kiander

“The Author Marketing Virtual Event exceeded my expectations. I walked away from each highly informative sessions, with some of the leaders in the book publishing industry, loaded with specific and actionable steps to bolster my marketing plan. These honest, no fluff presentations highlighted the hard, but doable work it takes to be a bestselling author. So worth the money and so worth the time!”

Meg Gray

“As I prepare to launch my second novel, your Book Marketing Virtual Summit could not have come at a better time for me. The format worked perfectly for me, as I could continue to work while listening to great advice from your speakers. I learned helpful tools that will make a difference in marketing and publishing my future novels. I replayed more than one video, to make certain I didn’t miss any valuable information.”

Ashley Farley

Get Instant Access – $149

Deborah Carney

Session Title: Building Amazing Author Websites: The Absolute Necessities

Description: Author’s need a website in addition to a social presence as a home base to build their platform. What are the absolute necessities to building an amazing author website that attracts readers?

Bio: Deborah Carney of Bookgoodies has over 20+ books published and over 30-years of Web marketing experience. She is not only an author; but also a powerful Internet marketing professional.

Bryan Cohen

Session Title: How to Run a Multi-Author Facebook Event


Description: Banding together with other authors is one of the best ways to build buzz about your book. Creating a multi-author Facebook event is an inexpensive way to bring fans to a single place to celebrate their love for books. Bryan has run six multi-author events with over 2,000 attendees combined. In this course, Bryan will teach you his step-by-step process for running a successful event that actively engages fans and helps readers discover new authors. The session includes mistakes Bryan made that you can avoid when you make your event a reality.

Bio: Bryan Cohen is the co-host of the Sell More Books Show. He’s also an author, a freelance writer and an occasional game show contestant. He’s written over 30 books, including Ted Saves the World (a YA sci-fi/fantasy series), 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts (a writer’s reference series) and The Post-College Guide to Happiness (a self-help book). Learn more about Bryan at BryanCohen.com and BuildCreativeWritingIdeas.com.

Mark Coker

Session Title: Hit the Bestseller Lists with Ebook Preorders


Description: Imagine if you could push a magic button and make your next book release land higher in the bestseller lists. This magical button is real. It’s called an ebook preorder. Preorders are probably the single most important ebook launch tool introduced in the last five years. Learn how to implement Mark’s exclusive strategies that have helped dozens of Smashwords authors hit the bestseller lists. A great preorder starts with smart planning, strategy and execution. Mark will show you how! The session is intended for indie ebook authors and book marketing professionals.

Bio: Mark Coker founded Smashwords in 2008 to make it fast, free and easy for writers to self-publish an ebook. Today, Smashwords has grown to become the world’s largest distributor of self-published ebooks. Today, 100,000 authors and small independent presses around the world publish and distribute over 300,000 books with Smashwords. Smashwords distributes globally to Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, OverDrive, Kobo, Scribd, Oyster and Baker & Taylor Axis 360. Follow Mark on Twitter @markcoker. Mark blogs at http://blog.smashwords.com.

Michael Drew

Session Title: 12 Steps of Intimacy For Authors & Their Readers


Join us to discover:

  • Why traditional sales funnels are dead (and what to use instead)
  • The biggest mistake most direct marketers and internet marketers make when asking a visitor to opt-in
  • A step-by-step approach to knowing what to say on your site, why to say it, and when to say it for maximum results
  • The importance of building intimate relationships with your prospective customers. (It’s not what you think)
  • How to ask for the sale without sounding salesy or sleazy
  • The 12 Steps of Intimacy — the new system for taking prospects from ‘I don’t know you’ to ‘I love you.’

Bio: Michael R. Drew is a maverick who gets results. Marketing books for his entire career, he’s become the world’s most successful book promoter, having launched 79 consecutive books onto best-seller lists, many of them number-one titles. Beyond merely helping authors’ books to sell well, Michael has benefited from these writers’ insights into social trends. He himself has observed up-close the shifting dynamics of society— as with his work on Pendulum—and has seen firsthand the rapid and long-term changes in the publishing industry and how content reaches today’s varied audiences. Michael honed his skills at such respected publishers as Bard Press, Entrepreneur Magazine, Longstreet Press and Thomas Nelson Publishers, among others. He has mastered the intricacies of publishing and, in adapting to today’s fast-evolving industry, Michael founded Promote A Book to work directly with writers to help them spread their message.

Matt Gartland

Session Title: Avoid the ‘Amateur’ Label: Produce Your Book Like a Pro With the Help of a Team


Description: Many authors make the mistake of trying to do it all. Writing the book. Editing their own draft. Designing their own cover. Doing the ebook conversions on their own. Creating the marketing strategy. Organizing everything. The list goes on and on. This mistake leads to big problems: a book with gaping holes and humiliating errors, a shallow and ineffective marketing plan, a bad first impression due to an amateurish cover design, launch delays, and more. No wonder so many authors burn out these days, publishing their book short of its potential or not at all. Thankfully, your author career doesn’t have to suffer these tragedies. With the help of a team, you can concentrate on what you do best without stressing out about everything else. What does an effective author team look like? How do you build one of your own? And what steps do you need to take to make sure you’re maximizing the value of working with one? This presentation will answer those questions, preparing you to harness one of the best competitive advantages available to authors today: a team.

Bio: Matt Gartland is the founder of Winning Edits, a creative agency for authors specializing in the strategy and production of books, podcasts, and products. If you are in the business of books and growing your author platform, then Matt and his team may be the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for.

Tim Grahl

Session Title: Running a Successful Author Business

Description: In today’s publishing world, success takes much more than writing books. You have to build out a platform and a plan that ensures your success not just today, but long into the future. When done right, you can build a business that will support your entire writing career and open up new opportunities that you never thought possible.

In this session you will learn:
– What it means to build a platform for you business, not just a book
– How I leveraged a small, self published book into a six figure income
– Case studies of authors leveraging their writing into extremely successful business

Bio: Tim Grahl is the founder of (http://outthinkgroup.com), a firm that helps authors build their platform, connect with readers and sell more books. He is the author of Your First 1000 Copies: The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book (http://bit.ly/yf1000c) and works with many of the top authors in the world including Hugh Howey, Daniel Pink, Dan and Chip Heath, Barbara Corcoran and many more. He has launch multiple New York Times and Wall Street Journal best selling books.

Through his work with over 100 authors across all genres, Tim has learned and practiced the secrets behind successful marketing campaigns and teaches the strategy and techniques through his website http://outthinkgroup.com.

Shelley Hitz

Session Title: Marketing Your Book On Amazon: 7 Things You Can Easily Do For Free To Get More Exposure and Sales


Description: Learn how to optimize your books on Amazon and Kindle using categories, keywords and more. It is truly amazing what a few tweaks and changes to your Amazon account can do for your book rankings. Within just a few days of optimizing her account, one of Shelley’s books hit #1 on the Kindle for its category. She will take you step-by-step through the process and teach you 7 things you can easily do for free to get more exposure and sales.

Bio: Shelley Hitz is an award-winning and internationally best-selling author. She is the owner of TrainingAuthors.com and is passionate about helping authors succeed in publishing and marketing their books. She teaches from personal experience. Shelley has been writing and publishing books since 2008 and has published over 30 books including print, eBook and audio book formats.

Lewis Howes

Session Title: Selling Books In Bulk Plus How To Do Virtual Book Tours


Description: Why sell one book at a time when you can sell hundreds at a time? In this session Lewis will show you how to encourage bulk book sales for a mega-boost to your sales rank during your book launch. In addition, Lewis will share how virtual book tours can skyrocket your book sales.

Bio: Lewis Howes is a former professional football player, two sport All-American, world record holding athlete, and current USA Men’s National Team member for team handball. He is an online business expert turned lifestyle entrepreneur, author, and angel investor who built a seven-figure business in two years while starting out sleeping on his sister’s couch. Details Magazine named him one of “5 Internet Gurus Who Can Make You Rich” and he was recognized by the White House as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the country under 30.

Brian G. Johnson

Session Title: Your Social Media Book Launch Army


Description: Discover the simple strategy I used to set into action a small army of social media marketers, including a New York Times best selling author and a Forbes top fiffty social media marketer. They shared, posted and built buzz in anticipation of my book launch. This resulted in growth of my personal brand, early book reviews and hyper growth of Facebook friends and followers.

Bio: Brian G. Johnson is a serial entrepreneur who is also an engaging speaker, product creator, #1 bestselling author, nurturing mentor, and passionate poodle wrangler. Since 2008 Brian has coached tens of thousands of wealth seekers, many of whom are successfully generating life-changing income.

Brian’s high energy and zest for life translate well to his coaching programs, where he breaks down the most important elements of many profitable online businesses-traffic and conversions. His formulas are simple, his rituals are effective, and his techniques are easy to follow.

Jim F. Kukral

Session Title: 13 Reasons You’re Not As Successful An Author As You Should Be


Description: Chances are there are many things stopping you from being successful as an author. The good news is that once you realize what those things are, you can begin to move past them and build a writing career you can be proud of. In this session Jim will show you what’s holding you back and how you can overcome those demons..

Bio: Jim F. Kukral is a 19-year Internet marketing professional who was named by Dun & Bradstreet as one of “The Most Influential Small Business People on Twitter.” Jim also serves as a Program Faculty Member for the University of San Francisco’s Internet Marketing Program where he teaches classes to students around the globe on the topics of Internet marketing, entrepreneurship and social media. In addition, SmallBizTrends.com chose Jim as one of 100 top small business influencers online. Jim is also the founder the Author Marketing Institute, an organization dedicated to advancing the practice of author marketing for writers of any kind, in any genre, in any part of the world.

Nick Loper

Session Title: Bestsellers Aren’t Born, They’re Made: How To Rock Your Non-Fiction Launch


Description: This session will cover the foundational elements of a successful book launch, including keyword and content “hacks” for maximum exposure, smart ways to expand your social reach, and how to set your book up for sales after your initial promotional push.

Bio: Nick Loper is an author, online entrepreneur, and life-long student in the game of business. His latest role is as Chief Side Hustler at SideHustleNation.com, a growing community and resource for aspiring and part-time entrepreneurs. In that capacity, he’s out to help people realize their untapped potential, build businesses they care about, and create more financial freedom and excitement in their lives.

Derek Murphy

Session Title: Designing Your Own Best Selling Book Cover


Description: In this session, award-winning cover designer Derek Murphy will show you how to design your own amazing book cover. He’ll cover tools you can use, and design tips you can follow to ensure your cover gets noticed, and your book gets sold.

Bio: Derek Murphy has worked with hundreds of best-selling authors and thought-leaders to develop book covers that complement their vision, stand out, get noticed, and attract new readers. His insights into book cover design will put you on the path towards a well-designed book that markets itself. In Derek’s session called “Best-Selling Book Cover Secrets” you’ll learn why some a book cover can mean selling a few books, or thousands. You’ll also see how the littlest changes can make a huge difference in sales. Stop making the rookie mistakes most authors make and learn how to look, and sell, like the best-selling authors.

Steve Scott

Session Title: Building a non-fiction platform (The 80/20 of What Actually Works.)


Description: Building a platform as an author is tough, but necessary and definitely the most important thing you need to do to sell more books. But how? What should you focus on so that you can make it work? And what is a waste of your time? Learn from Steve how he’s built a $60k/month Kindle ebook business and platform.

Bio: Steve Scott has been a successful Kindle publisher for the last two years in three different niches. Currently he’s written over 45+ books. To learn more about his publishing experiences, check out his blog Steve Scott Site and his forthcoming podcast Self-Publishing Questions.

Peter Shankman

Session Title: Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans


Description: Imagine a world where relationships are forged, sales are made, and new and repeat business is driven, all by the customers you currently have. Imagine a world where the one true differential of your business isn’t price or location, but rather, customer service.

It’s already here, and if you’re not focusing on it, you’re going to be eliminated. Welcome to the world of the Zombie Loyalist, customers who, when treated well, will do your PR and Marketing for you to their network, automatically, every time.

Forget Yelp. Forget Trip Advisor. The new review will be every single customer, online, every single time, without a second thought. As networks become ubiquitous, and every customer’s actions are public for the world to see, whether new customers choose you or your competitor will be entirely based on how you’ve already treated others in their network. The opportunities for new customers and revenue growth are huge – but so are the pitfalls.

In this fast-paced, funny, and actionable talk, best selling author Peter Shankman talks about how you can create Zombie Loyalists for your own business – And breed each customer to bring all of their friends to you as well, every single time.

Bio: Whether discussing the future of customer service and marketing to a room of 5,000 industry leaders in Tokyo, chatting about journalism to a room full of college students at a conference put on by the US Embassy in Chile, or offering suggestions to NASA Director Charles Bolden as a member of the NASA Civilian Advisory Council, when Peter Shankman talks about the future, people listen. The New York Times has called Peter “a public relations all-star who knows everything about new media and then some,” and meeting planners and conference producers around the world agree. Peter will grab your audience by the throat and give them a glimpse of the next ten years of marketing, customer service, and communication, highlighting exactly what your company needs to do to not only thrive in the new conversation economy, but come out light years ahead of your competition.

Nick Stephenson

Session Title: Reader Magnets: Find your First 10,000 Readers (and keep them)


Description: Reader Magnets are what draw readers in to your work – the promise of irresistible content and building a valuable connection. I started using Reader Magnets a little over six months ago. I didn’t even have a term for it back then. Since I put these measures in place, I’ve built my publishing business to over $10k a month in revenue and grown a platform of over 15,000 hungry readers. I’m going to show you how you can do the same – and see results in less than five days.

Bio: Nick Stephenson was born and raised in Cambridgeshire, England. He is a non-fiction author and novelist. His approach to writing is to hit hard, hit fast, and leave as few spelling errors as possible. As well as writing, Nick teaches other authors how to effectively market themselves and their books – focusing on how to build up huge author platforms on autopilot.

In a previous life, Nick Stephenson has worked as a lawyer, marketer, chef, and paid assassin for the UK’s Tax Authorities. If you ask him about it, he will deny ever having worked as a lawyer.

Johnny Truant and Sean Platt

Session Title: Building A True Fan Base (Customers) with Content Marketing

Description: Writing books is important, yes, but that’s not all you must do to grow your platform and create true fans. Johnny, Sean and Dave from the Self Publishing Podcast will explain how they’ve used content marketing like podcasts, events, and products to find new readers and create true fans.

Johnny’s Bio: Johnny B. Truant is an author, blogger, and podcaster who has built a self-publishing empire. He is the author of the Fat Vampire series and The Bialy Pimps, as well as co-authoring the science fiction political thriller The Beam and the Unicorn Western series with Sean Platt. Johnny is one of the hosts of the Web’s most popular podcasts called the Self Publishing Podcast. His latest book, Write. Publish. Repeat. (The No-Luck-Required Guide to Self-Publishing Success) is a #1 best-seller in the writing category on Amazon.

Sean’s Bio: In addition to authoring dark horror and sci-fi with Dave at CI and genre benders with Johnny at Realm & Sands, Sean writes for children under the name Guy Incognito, and has more than his share of nose. He has indie-published more than two dozen fiction titles. Nonfiction credits include the freelancer’s guide, Writing Online, the indie how-to Write. Publish. Repeat., and the memoir Writer Dad. Sean lives in Austin, TX with his wife, daughter, and son.

Warren Whitlock

Session Title: Why the content marketing fad is a gold mine for authors


Description: Every author is a content creator, but not all marketing material is worth consuming. Content marketing is the latest buzzword to add to “social media” as if there is a magic button to push and make money.

Bio: Warren Whitlock is a digital business development strategist. In 2008, he wrote the first book about Twitter and Mobile Marketing, and the best selling “Profitable Social Media: Business Results Without Playing Games.” He is the host of Social Media Radio and speaks frequently about social media marketing, online publicity and marketing, social networking and building lifetime value for rapid growth. He was also named one of Forbes’ Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers of 2013.

Adam Witty

Session Title: How To Quickly Write, Publish & Profit From A Book That Will Grow Your Business

Description: Join Adam Witty, Founder and CEO of Advantage Media Group, as he shares the most exciting case studies, marketing ideas, and best-practices he has learned from helping hundreds of entrepreneurs, consultants and professionals write, publish, monetize and market their books.

Here are some of the things you will learn…

  • Ways to quickly write and publish a book, and how to tell which method is best for you
  • The problems that sabotage 95% of aspiring authors, and how to solve them
  • Case studies from authors in businesses like consulting, medical practices, fitness training and more
  • A powerful way to use your book to get publicity for yourself and your business
  • How to really attract more customers at higher prices with a book
  • And so much MORE!

Bio: As Founder and CEO, Adam directs the company’s strategic business development and growth initiatives. A passionate and seasoned marketer, Adam provides creative direction for Advantage’s corporate marketing strategies. Adam is a proud alumnus of Clemson University and happy to call Charleston home.

Get Instant Access – $149