Porter Anderson Is The Publishing Prophet

Porter Anderson

We sat down with publishing guru Porter Anderson to talk about the business of publishing. Porter is a career journalist whose venues have included three of Time Warner’s CNN networks, the Village Voice, Thought Catalog, the Bookseller, Publishing Perspectives, the Dallas Times Herald, Dallas Observer, D Magazine, the Tampa Tribune, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, and other media.

His bio and list of accomplishments is very long, so head on over to his website to find out more.

  • htmljenn

    This was an interesting podcast. I would like to see more conferences indicate when panelists are paid. But on the other side, I think there needs to be a recognition that payment comes in many forms. Not all panelists can afford to travel to a lot of conferences, but if a conference offers to fly them out to the conference, covers their hotel and gives them a free pass to the conference, they would be willing to come out and share their expertise. Is this panelist being “paid” to be on the panel? Does that make them suspect of being in collusion somehow with the conference?

    And also, if we as authors feel we are deserving of compensation, why are we so suspicious of others getting paid? I doubt that being on a panel is a cakewalk, and at the very least it takes time. And time, as they say, is money. I think it is reasonable for conferences to pay their speakers and panelists a nominal fee in recognition of that. And I don’t think that makes those people somehow in debt to the conference, beyond, of course, their debt of providing a great presentation or panel discussion.

    • I’m personally not a big fan of panels at all. Unless you have an amazing moderator. I prefer solo presentations that get into the meat of the topics. But I get why some conferences do it the way Porter explained. It’s a money thing. Costs a lot to run a show.

      • htmljenn

        that’s true. a good moderator is key to a good panel. I hope the good moderators are paid well. 🙂