Infographic: Why Is It So Hard To Get Book Reviews?

There are several reasons why getting book reviews is so difficult. Here’s a handy-dandy graphic explaining the reasons why, plus a proven solution to fix the problem.

How To Get Book Reviews

  • Chris Syme

    Awesome resource. I love the first point (which I often forget): most readers are not writers.

  • Ricardo Carlos

    Great infographic. It highlights the pains of trying to get book reviews. I’ve purchased and used grab tools as suggested but its still slow and painful. At times it just pays to go to respected sources who provide readers who publish honest reviews (ouch! sometimes too honest). For this I have used sites like which have not disappointed me. Does anyone know of other reliable sites that provide honest reviews in a reasonably short time? Thanks.

    • As you’ve found out, there’s no shortcut to great reviews. 🙂 Be wary of anything that promises them, or guarantees them, or swaps for them, etc…

  • jd&j

    This is a great article and one we’re linking to our own followers on Twitter, getting honest reviews for an author is such an important part of marketing your book upon the pages of Amazon, the more reviews you can get the more trusted your book becomes in the eye of the potential reader.
    Thanks again for a great site, Dave @