Is For Authors That Don’t Want To Go Into Self-Publishing All Alone

It’s no secret we’re big fans of here at AMI. They are, in fact, one of our benefactors, but don’t think we’re talking about them just because of that. We choose to work with partners that share our same values. The values of doing anything we can to help authors with amazing products and services… period!

Here’s an interview we just did with BookBaby’s President Stephen Spatz. In the video you learn a little bit more about what they do and why it’s a perfect service for authors that “don’t want to go into self-publishing alone”. Take a few minutes and get a better feel for what they’re all about and if they are a fit for what you want to do with your author career.

  • Vivian Lai

    China Orient Color Printing is located in Shandong province,China’s east coast, whose coastline is ranking second in the whole country. Established in 2000, acquiring 200 Aces and with 800 employees, Orient Color Printing is an comprehensive enterprise specialize in custom printing etc.

    Main products:

    Printing paper bag,paper box, books, brochures, cards, flyers,etc.

    1.You`ll get a affordable printing service, because it`s in china, as you know, the cost

    of labor in china is much lower than other countries,such as US, UK etc. So you get a

    good price in china.

    2.You can get a your products are of good quality, there are many advanced machine in

    orient color printing company, such as four-color Heidelberg printing machine, Komori,

    Mitsubishi, Heidelberg printing machine and other advanced equipment to print.

    3.Printing 16 years ,more professional! china orient color printing established in 2000,

    they are experts in printing, if you meet any printing problems, you can just contact them

    any time and any way.

    4.You can get your products customized, whatever you want to printing softcover book or

    hardcover book , children book or adult book , you`ll just like it.

    Contact information:

    hot line: 0086-0634-8569588

    Fax: 0086- 0634-5961779




    Skype: tinajon320