Want More Five Star Amazon Reviews For Your Book? How?

It’s pretty simple, you need to find actual Amazon reviewers who are ready, willing and able to review your book. So how do you do that? The easiest, and fastest way is to use the Author Marketing Club Amazon Reviewer Grabber Tool. Watch the video below to learn how it works.

How To Get Your Book Discovered With Ferol Vernon Of Written Word Media

We’re back. It’s been a while since we posted another AMI Podcast, but things have slowed down here and we should be posting more consistently now. Today’s podcast features a conversation with Ferol Vernon of Written Word Media, or as you may know his site Freebooksy. Also, his newest site NewinBooks.com. In this interview we talk about book discoverability, book pricing, cover design and writing series of books vs. standalone books.

7 Book Discoverability Strategies Recap

If we’ve done our job properly, then hopefully we’ve given you a lot of food for thought as part of our Book Discovery series. Individually, authors have used all seven of the strategies we’ve discussed to find success. None of them are 100 percent successful for all authors, but without a doubt, you’ll get more out of these methods than simply writing books and hoping for the best. Here’s a quick recap of the seven book discovery strategies: 1. Two Free Books Also known as the Reader Magnets strategy, this method requires that you make two of your books free. The first book serves as a traffic generator to a mailing list squeeze page. The second is an incentive for readers to join your list. The strategy works well as a complement to the Securing Email Advertisers strategy and the Paid Advertising strategy. 2. Securing Email Advertisers Securing Email Advertisers is all about getting the attention of BookBub and the other marketing companies through the improvement of your book’s sales page. When your book ranks in the middle of or higher than other books BookBub has featured when it comes to reviews, description, and cover, you’ll have a better chance […] Read More

Getting Traditionally Published

Talking about traditional publishing as a means to book discovery at the end of our series is by design. Here at Author Marketing Institute, we’re much more focused on self-publishing than we are on traditional publishing. One of the reasons AMI Founder Jim Kukral created the site was because of his distaste with a traditional publishing experience he had back in 2010. That being said, it’d be shortsighted of us not to mention traditional publishing as a possibility for book discovery. Plenty of authors (some of whom are now self-published) got their start through the well-worn path of agent to editor to publication. While there’s no formula to getting your book traditionally published, there are certainly some things you can do to improve your chances. Improving Your Skills And One Heck Of An Idea Working and reworking the same book for 10 years is the equivalent of finishing and re-doing the same third grade spelling workbook over and over again. You’re not going to learn much about writing craft if you don’t continually work to take on new, difficult challenges. Traditional publishing isn’t going to take many chances on a newbie writer, so you need to arrive fully-formed by the […] Read More

Book Discovery Strategies #7: Paid Advertising

Last month, thriller author Mark Dawson made headlines after a Forbes article disclosed his Amazon earnings. The fact that he earned over $450,000 from self-publishing in a single year was remarkable, but it wasn’t the most important part of the article for indie authors. What mattered more was the strategy he used to propel his way to the top. Dawson spent over $300 a day on Facebook ads, and for his efforts, he was rewarded with a 100% return on investment. In layman’s terms, that means for every dollar he put in, he got two dollars back. The seventh and final book discovery strategy we’ll discuss as part of this series may be the most challenging. Using Facebook ads to either add email subscribers or gain direct sales is hardly a given. Plenty of authors have spent hundreds of dollars without a return. Others have experienced minor gains, only to see their ads stop performing somewhere down the line. The Paid Advertising strategy requires having some money to burn for testing purposes, and you’ll need patience to keep yourself from giving up when your campaign looks hopeless. Facebook advertising is an advanced strategy, and we recommend doing as much research […] Read More

Book Discovery Strategy #6: Meeting Merchandizers

Most of the book discovery strategies we’ve discussed on the Author Marketing Institute can be done from the comfort of your own computer. This makes sense because you’re marketing a digital product in a digital age. But since not all e-retail platforms operate using new digital practices, your success off of Amazon may require some travel and face-to-face interaction. As we’ve previously mentioned, sales and popularity on Amazon is heavily tied into the website’s algorithm. You’ll be displayed on more searches if you sell more books at a higher price. You’ll stick higher up in the sales rankings if your sales are spread out over a few days. While Amazon does some editorial choosing for its Deal of the Day promotions, most of the books it features are part of an automated process. The other ebook retailers use some automation, but there’s also a lot more selection by members of each site’s merchandizing staff. First and foremost, merchandizers for iBooks, Nook Press, and Kobo are likely to choose books that are already selling well. Unless you’re constantly ranking high on those platforms to begin with, you won’t get chosen during that stage of the game. However, if you meet and […] Read More

Book Discovery Strategy #5: Social Media Events

Facebook launch parties and other related events have been a fixture of the social media platform since its launch. Multi-Author Facebook Events, however, are relatively new, and when they’re done correctly, they can lead to a lot of new fans discovering your books. Horror author Timothy Long discussed his zombie fiction Facebook event during a 2014 episode of Simon Whistler’s Rocking Self Publishing Podcast. Sell More Books Show Co-Host Bryan Cohen went on to take the events to the next level, running six events over the following year. What these events showed was that Facebook is a great venue for cross-pollinating readers from one author to another. It works well as an arena for author-fan interactions, and it can be used successfully to collect email subscribers and sell books. Why Does This Strategy Work? The Social Media Event strategy works for many of the same reasons that the Box Set strategy works. When you bring together a collection of authors who are willing to promote something, you end up with thousands of fans who hear about it. While it’s likely that not every author will pull his weight and not every fan will be interested, if the majority of people […] Read More

Book Discovery Strategy #4: Joining a Box Set

Most of the strategies we’ve discussed so far in the Book Discovery series have been solo operations. This makes sense, after all, a large part of your work as an author is done alone. Now we’re going to get into a few strategies that require other people. If you have to work with someone to boost your books, it’s never a bad idea to ally yourself with the top authors in your genre. When a group of authors all works toward a similar aim, it’s likely they’ll come up with something spectacular. That’s the beauty of getting a group of creative people together. The same can be true of marketing. By putting together books from a variety of authors into a box set, you not only provide a great deal for readers, you also combine everybody’s promotional prowess. Readers love the idea of finding new, undiscovered authors they can read. When every author in a box set spreads the word, you’re able to share your fans with your colleagues, and they can introduce their fans to you. It’s one of the most synergistic forms of book marketing there is. Why Does This Strategy Work? Before self-publishing hit the big time, […] Read More

Book Discovery Strategies #3: Pitch Yourself to Podcasts

Every form of online communication has a certain degree of separation between content creators and content consumers. When blogs were the main digital way for authors to connect with readers, the number one advice most people gave newbies was to start a blog. Some blogs remain popular, but for the most part, these daily or weekly words on a page are too far removed from the readers they target. While fans want to read what their favorite authors have to say, they also crave a deeper connection. Podcasts remove one degree of separation from the content equation because readers can actually hear your voice. When they detect your cadence, tone, and vocal mannerisms, fans feel like they know you better. The same is true when you abandon guest posting on blogs to instead become a guest on a popular podcast in your niche. You’ll forge a deeper connection with new fans who now feel as though you’re acquainted. Talking about your book on a series of podcasts is a strong strategy for finding new rabid fans for your work. Why Does This Strategy Work? Podcasts have been around in some form for over a decade, but it’s only recently that […] Read More

Book Discovery Strategies #2: Securing Email Advertisers

The biggest challenge in book discovery is setting your book apart from the millions of other books online. Every so often, some readers will pull your book out of a hat because it’s on an also bought list or because Amazon sent out word of your book through a targeted email. Most promotions like that are out of an author’s control, but there are some lists you can pay to get your book listed on. Email is the best way to market almost anything, so it’s no surprise that companies like BookBub with massive curated email lists have been very successful selling books. BookBub is the only email advertiser with almost guaranteed profitability, though there is a strong second tier with a good track record that includes eReaderNewsToday, Kindle Books & Tips, and Bargain Booksy. What these email advertisers have in common is their ability to get your needle of a book out of its Amazon haystack to put it in front of new potential readers. Why Does This Strategy Work? As the digital book age began to flourish, several companies saw the value in creating a service that would alert readers to discounts on good books. Millions of readers […] Read More